"Stadtbad Oderberger"

حساب التكاليف


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Historic baths "Stadtbad Oderberger"

.... are the most spectacular building on the GLS Campus - a Berlin landmark under monument protection. GLS renovated the building and will re-open it in April 2015 with:

  • 15 seminar rooms
  • 72 hotel rooms of premium standard
  • a swimming pool (to be opened in 2015). 

The pool

... will be open as of June 2015 - as a public swimming pool with preferential rates for GLS students

15 seminar rooms

... for Business German and German 30+ courses - right next to the baths´ former boiler room.

72 premium rooms

... in the 2 hotel wings - cool, stylish, elegant: more


To get an idea of the building´s aura, see these artists´performances that took place there while GLS renovated the building:


1902 The baths open

1945 WW II finishes, the baths still function

1986 The East German government closes the baths, because of holes in the bassin

1989 The Berlin Wall comes down. Artists use the abandoned baths for shows and performances

2011 GLS buys the building and starts renovation

2015 Re-opening

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